I have been Foolin' people for years with the moniker FuLinHyu, which I have been using since 1997.

Back then I had used a number of different names on websites and was thinking of a name I could use on all of them.

I wanted to keep it 8 characters or under (this was a concern in the old 8.3 filenaming days) and wanted it to be a play on words.

FuLinHyu worked for both of these. It was exactly 8 characters and while it looked like a Chinese or Japanese style name (I have lost count on how many times I have been asked if I am Chinese or Japanese online), if you said it out loud it sounded like Fooling You.

One of the first places I used this name was on the Internet Chess Club.

I played chess and variants of chess on there from 1995 until 2017. During my time there I played over half a millions total games, tens of thousands of tournaments and managed thousands of tournamnets for other players.

I still use this moniker on Chess.com but don't really play much anymore.

A lot of my online gaming time outside of chess was, and remains, taken up by Blizzard titles.

I started playing the original Starcraft with a friend of mine back in 1997, progressed to Diablo, then World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, Hearthstone and Overwatch.

WoW took up a ton of my time between 2006 and 2018 with multiple starts and stops. I think I have finally broken the cycle though.

Overwatch I have played up until level 350+, mostly as a Junkrat player, but have slowed down considerably there as well.

Hearthstone I have played for years and continue to play. It is easy to pick up and play a few hands on my computer, tablet or phone. As of early March, 2019, I have finally gotten over 500 wins on each of the 9 classes. Feel free to look for me there.

I am sure I will continue to use this moniker as it has become a part of me now.


© Marc David Johnson