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Marc David Johnson

I have added a couple of interests here for those that might find either useful.

I review a number of cameras I have used over the years as well as a number of lenses for each camera system.

You can also find weather for the United States including both forecasts and animated radar images from the National Weather Service.


Tree Down Photo

My photostream on 500px

I post a lot of the pictures I take on 500px so they can be archived and to make them available to anyone who wants to see them. Most of these have had only a small amount, if any, post processing done (mostly just to touch up the exposure, hues, etc).

If you are interested, here is the link to my photos at 500px.

I have also written up a bit about the different cameras I have owned over the years and marked the pictures taken with each one accordingly. Here you can read about the cameras I have used or the lenses I have used.


Weather Radar

National Weather Service

A lot of great weather information is available from the National Weather Service and I have caollected a bit of it here.

If you are looking for Forecasts or the Current Conditions for your Zip Code, I have created a page where you can enter your zip code to retrieve this information from the National Weather Service: Current Conditions / Forecasts.

If you would like to see an animated radar map of different areas of the United States, check out my page for Local Radar.

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